samedi 12 janvier 2008

Garage Rock Playlist #2 December 2007 (Original MySpace Issue)

Hi Rickenbacker, Vox Jaguar, CRB, Gretsch and fuzz lovers !

The second playlist of pure garage rock is now realised ! I'm proud again to introduce new bands from all over the world (France, Sweden, Canada, Greece, Germany, Japan, Spain, Russian Federation, Italy, Norway, US and Bermuda) !

I encourage you to have a look to all these bands' profiles on myspace and listen to their excellent "nuggets" ! Feel free to leave me some comments if you think I've forgotten somebody !

Have good time !

Cheers !

01-Stereoscope Jerk Explosion (Toulon, France)
Garage / Psychedelic / Pop
"Jerk à la vague"
Les Disques Cosmic Groove

02-The Nocounts (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
Punk / Rock / Garage

03-Les Playboys (Nice, France)
Rock / R&B / Psychedelic
“Je revendique”

04-The Needs (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Rock / Folk / Thrash
Nova Express

05-The Treblemakers (Montreal, Canada)
Surf / Garage / Psychedelic
“Explodin’ bikers from Hochelaga”
Dionysus Records

06-Carpet Sellers (Fontenay-sous-Bois, France)
Garage / Rock
“No thanks it’s enough”

07-The Sound Explosion (Athens, Greece)
Garage / Psychedelic / Surf
"Some other guy"

08-Hurly Burlies (Bordeaux, France)
Rock / R&B / Garage
“No money back”

09-The Diamond Rangs (Lyon, France)
Garage / Pop Punk
“So tired”
Close Up Records

10-The Boonaraaas!!! (Düsseldorf & Wuppertal & Köln, Germany)
Punk / Garage / Pop Punk
"One one zero"
Sounds of Subterrania

11-The Routes (Fukuoka, Japan)
Garage / Blues / Punk
"Dying town"
Motor Sounds Records

12-The Frantic Five (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Garage / Surf
On Stage Records

13-Las Membranas (Allicante, Spain)
Bloody Hotsak

14-The Scope (Paris, France)
Garage / Psychedelic / Rock
"Cauchemar protestator"
Superstar Records

15-Wau & los Arrrghs!!! (Valencia, Spain)
Garage / Punk / Rock
"Lo que quiero"
Voodoo Rhythm

16-The Crushers (Moscow, Russian Federation)
Psychedelic / Garage / Punk
"Ann and Jane"
Soyuz Records

17-Italian Beat Generation (Roma, Italy)
Garage / Surf

18-The Cheaters (Oslo, Norway)
R&B / Garage / Punk
"I found love"
Big Dipper Records

19-The Gravedigger Five (San Diego, US)
"Night of the phantom"

20-Smash (Paris, France)
Powerpop / Rock / Psychedelic
"Coming home"
La Féline Productions

21-The Higher State (Bermuda)
Garage / Psychedelic / Folk-Rock
"Don't think I'm lost"
State Records

22-King Kongs (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)
Garage / Psychedelic / Surf
"Leave my house"

23-Les Dragueurs (Paris, France)
Garage / Punk / Rock
Disques Baclé, Wild Wild Records

24-Dee Rangers (Stockholm, Sweden)
Garage / R&B / Punk
"You gotta understand"
Screaming Apple Records

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