samedi 7 novembre 2009

Feedback on THE NORVINS live at Soundflat Balroom Bash


"Abba, the song:
I just found out that the name of the song that was stuck in my head is Abba, and the thrill of finally hearing the real song and not just the bits I remember in my head made me listen to it quite a lot of times. The reason why the song stuck to my brain is that the French garage band The Norvins opened their set at the Ballroom Bash in Leipzig with this song which both me and Dandy Longlegs recognised but could not tell where we had heard. Well, now it`s clear that it was The Paragons song Abba, and that this song is dangerously catchy. An interview with lead guitarist Pat Walters at 60sgaragebands"
by Explorers Record Club

"Soundflat Ballroom Bash:
Wow! Shake! Shout! We just came home from the great 60s festival in Leipzig, ran by two of the most fun German guys you will ever meet, Traxel and Lutz. The festival is a courtesy of Soundflat Records and Soundflat Mailorder and features their own bands. Highlights this year was Peter Barry and the Shake Set (who are so stuck in the 60s that they don't have a website or a MySpace - GREAT! But trust us, they are one of the most authentic beat bands around) and The Norvins. Other highlights included the fantastic ballroom venue and the high percentage of the crowd that was dancing. We would love to show you some photos from the event but we were way too busy grooving some new dances and finishing those GTs. Instead here is a photo stolen from the festival's MySpace. YouFace this!"
by Explorers Record Club

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