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10: Concerts in Paris (otherwise the city is indicated) in October 2012

Monday October 1st:
Death in Vegas at L'Olympia (9e)

Tuesday October 2nd:
Gallon Drunk + The Rockandys at Point Ephémère (10e)

Wednesday October 3rd:
Skip the use at L'Olympia (9e)
Left Lane Cruiser + The Mojomatics at Point Ephémère (10e)
Blue Emphasis Soul Band + The Norvins + The Rippers at L'Espace B (19e)

Thirsday October 4th:
Jupiter at Point Ephémère (10e)
[MAAD in 93] OK + Erevan at Mains d'Oeuvres (St Ouen)

Friday October 5th:

Dr Schultz Experience + Tio Manuel + The Fab Mods at Péniche Mademoiselle (19e)
[MAAD in 93] Vin Gordon (The Skatalites) + Supajohn + Backed by DDR Band at La Pêche (Montreuil)[MAAD in 93] Marc Ducret + Journal Intime at La Dynamo (Pantin)

Saturday October 6th:
(Grand) Petit Louis at Les Combustibles (12e)
The Shakers + Old Fashion Ladies at Maison Daniel Féry (Nanterre)
Thee Irma and Louise + Les Bécasses + The Tramps at Le Picolo (St Ouen)
[Festi'Val de Marne] Parlor Snakes + The Buttshakers + Ackboo + Cabadzi + Success + El Hijo de la Cumbia + Le Peuple de l'Herbe at Théâtre Jean Vilar (Vitry-sur-Seine)

Sunday October 7th:
[Festi'Val de Marne] Ignatus et les Frères Makouaya + François Hadji-Lazaro at Théâtre Jean Vilar (Vitry-sur-Seine)

Monday October 8th:

Cold Specks at Le Point Ephémère (18e)

Tuesday October 9th:
Dionysos at L'Olympia (9e)

Wednesday October 10th:
Dionysos at L'Olympia (9e)
Ultravox at Le Trianon (10e)

Thirsday October 11th:
Dionysos at L'Olympia (9e)
We Were Evergreen + Isaac Delusion at Le Point Ephémère (10e)
Radiohead + Caribou at Bercy (12e) 
Canned Heat at Centre Culturel Paul Bailliart (Massy)

Friday October 12th:
Chris Isaak at Le Grand Rex (2e)

Radiohead + Caribou  at Bercy (12e)
Strange Forces + History of Colour TV + The Pharmacy at L'Espace B (19e)
Zenzile + Soyouz at Les Cuizines (Chelles)
Jerry Spider Gang + White Fangs + The True Faith at Le Picolo (St Ouen)

Saturday October 13th:
La Souris Déglinguée + Booze and Glory + 8°6 Crew at La Plateforme (Lyon)
Iswhat !? + Chlorine Free feat. Soweto Kinch at Centre Culturel Paul Bailliart (Massy)
Revolver at La Clef (St Germain en Laye)

Sunday October 14th:
Scissor Sisters at La Cigale (18e)
Holy Holster + The Red Riding + Whudonit + Rewinder at Royal Montreuil (Montreuil)
Steel Pulse at L'EMB (Sannois)

Monday October 15th:
Gong at Le New Morning (10e)
Caspian + Mugstar + Totoro at Le Point Ephémère (10e)
Kouma + Zhol + Yann Jousseine at La Cantine de Belleville (20e)

Tuesday October 16th:
Gong and Daevid Allen at Le New Morning (10e)
Manowar at le Trabendo (19e)

Wednesday October 17th:
Keane at L'Olympia (9e)
Plugs at Le Point Ephémère (10e)

[La Route du Rock Session] Jarboe + Unison at L'Espace B (19e)

Gong at Le Scarébée (La Verrière)

Thirsday October 18th:
Barbara Carlotti at La Cigale (18e) Tamaryn + Death and Vanilla at L'Espace B (19e)

Friday October 19th:
Alan Vega (Suicide) at La Gaîté Lyrique (3e)
The Omens + The Daltons Not Dead at Les Combustibles (12e)

Saturday October 20th:

Stuck in the Sound at l'Olympia (9e)
The Hundred in the hands at Le Point Ephémère (10e)

Sunday October 21st:
Soft Machine at Le New Morning (10e)

Monday October 22nd:
Fishbone at Le New Morning (10e)
Jefferson Starhip at Le Bataclan (11e)
Nada Surf at Le Trabendo (19e)

Tuesday October 23rd:

Wednesday October 24th:
The Wedding Present at Le Point Ephémère (10e)Marc Desse + Pale Spectres at L'Espace B (19e)
The Shook-Ups! at Café des Sports (20e)

Thirsday October 25th:
Moon Duo + My Disco at Le Point Ephémère (10e)
[MaMA Festival] Christine and The Queens + Trixie Whitley + Giedre + carmen Maria vega at La Cigale (18e)
[MaMA Festival]  We Three and The Dead Rattle + Von Pariahs + Absynthe Minded at La Boule Noire (18e)
[MaMA Festival] The Excitements + Wraygunn + LCMDF (Le Corps Mince de Françoise) at Le Divan du Monde (18e)
[MaMA Festival] 77 Bombay Street at O'Sullivans (18e)
[MaMA Festival]  Radio Radio + Champagne Champagne + La Shark + Twin Twin at Les Trois Baudets (18e)
[MaMA Festival] Odezenne + Raashan Ahmad + Casey at Centre Barbara FGO (18e)
[MaMA Festival] Mineral + Jil is Lucky at Le Bus Palladium (18e)
Lo'Jo at La Maroquinerie (20e)
Sheetah et les Weissmüller at La Maison des Etudiants (Villeneuve d'Ascq) 
[Soundflat Ballroom Bash] Thee Outlets + The Rebels of Tijuana at Sonic Ballroom (Köln, Germany)

Friday October 26th:

Little Barrie at Le Point Ephémère (10e)
[Nuit SFR Live Concerts] Green Velvet + Housse de Racket + The Shoes + Joris Delacroix at Cité de la Mode et du Design (13e)
[MaMA Festival] Brns + Pony Pony Run Run + General Elektriks at La Cigale (18e)
[MaMA Festival] Blake Worrell + Maniacx + Dope D.O.D at La Boule Noire (18e)

[MaMA Festival] Yan Wagner + Lescop + Gret Mountain Fire + Grems at Le Divan du Monde (18e)

[MaMA Festival]  Art District + The Aerial + Botibol at O'Sullivans (18e)
[MaMA Festival]  Lucas Santana + Françoiz Breut + Nova Heart + Sliimy at Les Trois Baudets (18e)
[MaMA Festival]  Thomas Azier + Ambassadeurs at Centre Barbara FGO (18e)
[MaMA Festival]  Lisa Hannigan + Bertrand Burgalat + Jupiter + Rich Aucoin at Le Bus Palladium (18e)

PINS + Mercredi Equitation at L'Espace B (19e)
Lo'Jo at La Maroquinerie (20e)
[Soundflat Ballroom Bash] The Omens + The Jackets + The Cavemen Five at Jugendpark (Köln, Germany)
Skip The Use + Big Money Makers at Centre Culturel Paul Bailliart (Massy)

Saturday October 27th:
[Soundflat Ballroom Bash] Boonaraaas!!! + Shook-Ups + Minnesota Voodoo Men at Jugendpark (Köln, Germany)
[Rockomotives] Peter kernel + Moon Duo + Lilea Narrative at Chapelle St-Jacques (Vendôme)
[Sale et Sauvage] Movie Star Junkies + The K-Holes + Magnetix + Jack of Heart + Yussuf Jerusalem + The Liminanas + Wall of Death + Rikkha + The Octopus + King Automatic at Mains d'Oeuvres (St Ouen)

Sunday October 28th:
[ Route du Rock Session] Soap and Skin with Ensemble and Choir at La Cigale (18e)
[Rockomotives] Sir Alice + Lozninger at Place TBD (Vendôme)

Monday October 29th:
The Barbacans + Les Guillotines + No Whisky for Callahan at L'Espace B (19e)
[Rockomotives] Sir Alice + Lozninger at Place TBD (Vendôme)

Tuesday October 30th:
Birdy Nam Nam at L'Olympia (9e)
Micachu and The Shapes at Le Point Ephémère (10e)
[Rockomotives] Secret Chiefs 3 + a.P.A.t.T + Please Kill Me at Chapelle St-Jacques (Vendôme)

Wednesday October 31st:
The Suppressives + Last Night + TITS + Complications at Les Combustibles (12e)
[Les Primeurs de Massy] Cabadzi + Jungle by Night + Maia Vidal + Mina Tindle + Zoufris Maracas at Centre Paul B (Massy)
[Rockomotives] Ladylike Lily + Dan San + My Name Is Nobody at Chapelle St-Jacques (Vendôme)

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