jeudi 28 janvier 2010

The Norvins "Time Machine" belongs to Rock Around The Blog's Records of 2009 !

Discos de 2009 / Records of 2009

Ordem Alfabética/Alphabetical Order
o Brimstone Howl - Big Deal. What's He Done Lately [Alive]
o Cavestompers! - Introducing The... [Groovie]
o King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl [In the Red]
o Mark & The Spies - Give Me A Look [Screaming Apple]
o Reigning Sound - Love And Curses [In The Red]
o The A-Bones - Not Now! [Norton]
o The Black Hollies - Softly Towards The Light [Ernest Jenning]
o The Del Shapiros - In It With... [Monterrey]
o The Dolly Rocker Movement - Our Days Mind The Tyme [Off The Hip]
o The Fallen Leaves - That's Right [Parliament]
o The Hex Dispensers - Winchester Mystery House [Douchemaster]
o Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - ¡¡¡Viven!!! [Munster]

• 13th Floor Elevators - Sign of The 3 Eyed Men [International Artists]
• Baby Woodrose - st [Bad Afro]
• Booby Traps - Makin' It with the Booby Traps [Off The Hip]
• Los Hories - Don't Bother Us [Off The Hip]
• Muck and the Mires - Hypnotic [Dirty Water]
• Outrageous Cherry - Universal Malcontents [Alive]
• Sheetah Et Les Weissmüller - Hola Ye-Yeah! [Screaming Apple]
• The Higher State - Darker By The Day [13 O' Clock]
• The Love Me Nots - Upsidedown Insideout [Atomic A Go Go]
• The Norvins - Time Machine [Soundflat]
• The Pretty Face - st [Area Pirata]
• The Pretty Things - Philippe Debarge [Ugly Things]
• The Rationals - Think Rational! [Big Beat]
• The Revellions - st [Dirty Water]
• The Strange Boys - And Girls Club [In The Red]
• The White Wires - st [Going Gaga/Douchemaster]
• Thee Crucials - Give Me a Keg of Beer [Kaiser]
• Yesterday's Thoughts - A Moment To Pray [Sound Effect]

by Francisco

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