mardi 5 janvier 2010

THE NORVINS "Time Machine" in Bill Kelly's Top 10 for 2009 (

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Bill Kelly's Top 10 for 2009

Teenage Wasteland's faves:

THE NORVINS "Time Machine" (Soundflat)
GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS "Triple Distilled" (Damaged Goods),
THE YUM YUMS "Whatever Rhymes With Baby" (Screaming Apple / Pop Detective)
THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT "Our Days Mind The Tyme" (Off The Hip)
THE A-BONES "The A-Bones, Not Now! (Norton)
MARK & THE SPIES "Give Me A Look" (Screaming Apple)
THE REVELLIONS "The Revellions" (Dirty Water),
THE TOL-PUDDLE MARTYRS "A Celebrated Man" (Secretdeals)
YESTERDAY'S THOUGHTS "A Moment To Pray" (Sound Effect)
THE COCKTAIL SLIPPERS "Saint Valentine's Day Massacre" (Wicked Cool)

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