jeudi 30 août 2007

The Norvins, captured Live !

Hi !

If you wonder who are The Norvins, you can at least see what they look like thanks to excellent photographer Jean-Marie Lanlo.


mercredi 29 août 2007

The Norvins in The Tube Club

The Tube Club has added a note about the Norvins:

"Absolutely fantastic shouty french garagey, skiffle type tunes. Track these down, they are superb."

Thanks to The Tube Club !


dimanche 26 août 2007

Sept. 8th: The Norvins live at Picolo's café

The Barrocks association is pleased to introduce: The Norvins, Aversions and Short Dark Strangers at Picolo's café on Sept. 8th 2007.

For more information:

The Norvins in Jukebox Magazine

Hi !

The Norvins is refered to in the first three pages of last Jukebox Magazine (issue 247, September 2007).

Don't expect a full article, it's a couple of lines but thanks a lot to Jukebox Magazine.