mercredi 31 octobre 2007

lundi 29 octobre 2007

Garage Rock Playlist #1 October 2007 (Original MySpace Issue)

Hi Farfisa, Vox Jaguar, Vox Phantom, Mosrite and fuzz lovers !

I'm pleased to introduce this first playlist of pure garage rock ! Can we talk about "garage revival" or "garage revival revival" today ?!? The truth is that in 2007, such a music gathers all our humble minds and a great collection of bands from all over the world (France, UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and US)!

I wish I could have more time to seek on Myspace more bands from other countries... Is one life enough ?!? So, let's share this playlist and I invite you listen to all these fantastic songs I highly recommend. Then, feel free to leave a comment below if you think I've forgotten somebody (of course I did !).

Have fun !

Cheers !


01-Sheetah & les Weissmuller (Lille, France) “Pire que le silence”,
Garage / Psychedelic / Rock,

02-The Hoodwinks (Southampton, United Kingdom) “Come on”,
Garage / R&B / Soul,
Teen Sound, Flycatcher

03-Hollywood Sinners (Toledo, Spain) “Sexy boots”,
Garage / Punk / Rock,
Slovenly Records

04-The Urges (Dublin, Ireland) “You don’t look so good”,
Garage / Psychedelic / Surf,
Screaming Apple, Off The Hip, Stomping Ground

05-The Revellions (Dublin, Ireland) “Have it all”,
Garage / Surf,

06-Curlee Wurlee (Düsseldorf, Germany) ”Make you cry",
Garage / Punk / Surf,
Soundflat Records

07-Rodeo Massacre (Paris, France & Stockholm, Sweden) “Brand new day”,
Punk / Garage / Soul,

08-The Maggots (Sweden) “King of freaks”,
Big Beat / Garage / Punk,
Wicked Cool Records

09-Les Terribles (France) “Pourquoi je pleure”,

10-The Okmoniks (Tucson, Arizona, USA) “Sorority club song,”
Garage / Punk / 2-step,
In-Fi Records (self-produced?)

11-The Giant Robots (Lausanne, Switzerland) “Mr. Ray”,
Garage / Rock / Pop punk,
Voodoo Rhythm

12-Chewbacca All Stars (Orléans, France) “Chewie up”,
Rock / Garage / Soul,
Banana Juice & Mc Galactic

13-The Cryptones (Six-Four les Plages, France) “I give you all my soul”,
Garage / Punk / Soul,
Brutal Beach Records

14-The Psykicks (Athens, Greece) “Last night”,
Garage / Punk,
Sound Effect Records

15-Boy Girl Boy Girl (Duluth, Minnesota, USA) “Freak accident”,
Garage / Psychedelic / Surf,
Spinout Records

16-The Pantsuckers (Nantes, France) “Just wanna love”,
Garage / Rock / Punk,

17-The Groovers (Paris, France) “OK boys",
Rock / Garage,
Blood Red

18-The Ugly Beats (Austin, Texas, USA) “Filthy rich”,
Garage / Folk Rock / Powerpop,
Get Hip Recordings

19-The Things (Dublin, Ireland) “Psycho lover”,

20-Crimson Shadows (Sweden) “Even I tell lies”,
Far Out, Sunlight, Mystery Scene, Inbetweens

21-The Phantoms Keys (Spain) “Velvet Illusions”,
Garage / R&B,
El Beasto

22-The Hangee V (Cagliary, Italy) “Cherry Lee",
Garage / Punk / Surf,
For Monsters Records

23-Beat Revolver (Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) “Out of sight”,

24-The Norvins (Paris, France) “Invisible Woman”,
Garage / Punk,

vendredi 12 octobre 2007

The Norvins radio shows (episod 2) !

Hi CRB organ and Rickenbacker guitar lovers !

The Norvins appeared four times in the following radio shows:

The Primitive Show (10/11/2006 and 24/11/2006) with "Stop it baby" (by The Heard)
The Primitive Show (17/11/2006 and 26/01/2007) with "Nothin'" (by The Ugly Ducklings)

I highly recommend this radio program available at: or WVKR 91.3 FM


jeudi 11 octobre 2007

Oct. 27th: The Norvins live at Picolo's café

Hello !

The Norvins will play very soon with The Bad Men and Les Guillotines at Picolo's café.

Hope to seen you there for these garage-punk shows !


> More info:

mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Videos: The Norvins playing four songs live !

Dear all,

I've found four videos on YouTube and Dailymotion where The Norvins play:
> "You're gonna miss me" (by 13th Floor Elevator):
> "Help you Ann" (by Lyres)
> "Little Girl" (by Syndicate of Sound)
> "Won't come back" (by Zakary Thaks)

Have a nice play !

vendredi 5 octobre 2007

The Norvins on

Dear all !

The Norvins have now their profile on

This is the last of the four known Wikis that talks about The Norvins after Wikipedia, SaneScreen and Tubious.

Have a nice weekend !

> More info:

mardi 2 octobre 2007

"Invisible Woman" by The Norvins on Soundtribes

Hello !
I invite you to have a quick look at The Norvins' profile on Soundtribes.
Some photos of the band are available as well as one video.
If you are a music fan, register (it's free and very quick) and then please listen to "Invisible Woman" track.
Thanks !

- To register on Soundtribes: / French registration / English registration

- To listen to "Invisible Woman":
The Norvins profile