samedi 29 janvier 2011

Feb 25th & 26th: The Norvins live in Germany


Feb 25th 2011:
The Norvins will start in Waldmeister, Solingen:

Feb 26th 2011:
Then they will play in Gearbox, Braunschweig.

Meet Mona with The Norvins !!!

samedi 1 janvier 2011

02: Concerts in Paris (otherwise the city is indicated) in February, 2011

Concerts / Évènements

Tuesday Feb 1st:

Wednesday Feb 2nd:
Asian Dub Foundation at Le Nouveau Casino (11e)
Louis Bertignac at Bus Palladium

Thursday Feb 3rd:
The Two at Le Nouveau Casino (11e)
Nashville Pussy at Le Plan (Ris Orangis)

Friday Feb 4th:
Brigitte Fontaine + L at Salle Jacques Brel (Pantin)
Moriarty + François & The Atlas Mountains at L'Espace Michel Berger (Sannois)
Nashville Pussy at Rodia (Besançon)

Saturday Feb 5th:
Pony Taylor + Tom Hogg at La Flêche d'Or (20e)
Frustration + The Magnetix + Cheveu at La Clé (Saint-Germain-En-Laye)
Lilly Wood & The Prick + Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws at L'Espace Michel Berger (Sannois)
Moriarty at Le Sax (Achères)
Nashville Pussy at L'Omnibus(St Malo)

Sunday Feb 6th:

Monday Feb 7th:
Daniel Darc at Le Palace (9e)
Rodolphe Burger + Journal Intime (Bardiau, Gastard, Malher) + Denis Charolles at Le New Morning (10e)

Tuesday Feb 8th:
Didier Malherbe at La Maison du théâtre et de la danse (Bagneux)

Wednesday Feb 9th:
Saul Williams at Le Nouveau Casino (11e)
Lilly Wood & The Prick at La Cigale (18e)
The Do at Le Trianon

Thursday Feb 10th:
The Do at Le Trianon
UK Subs + Vibrators + Charge 69 at Le Glazart (19e)
Lee Scratch Perry at La Laiterie (Strasbourg)

Friday Feb 11th:
The Black Angels at La Cigale
The Do at Le 106 (Rouen)
Wire at L'Orangerie (Bruxelles)

Saturday Feb 12th:
Wire at Le Point Ephémère

Sunday Feb 13th:
Lee Scratch Perry at File 7 (Magny Le Hongre)

Monday Feb 14th:

Tuesday Feb 15th:
Bloodshot Bill + The Black Angels at La Coop de mai (Clermont-Ferrand)

Wednesday Feb 16th:
Yussuf Jerusalem at La Laiterie (Strasbourg)

Thursday Feb 17th:
Iron & Wine at L'Alhambra

Friday Feb 18th:
Thee Super Wagner at Le Truskel (2e)

Saturday Feb 19th:
Les Freakettes + Herr Broken + Little Loolie & the surfin' Rogers at Les Combustibles (12e)
Lilly Wood & The Prick at Le Manège (Lorient)
Reverend Beat-Man + Bob Log III + Honkeyfinger + King Automatic at Les Trinitaires (Metz)
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan at L'Omnibus (St Malo)

Sunday Feb 20th:
The Magnetix + Bob Log III + Henry's Funeral Shoe at Le Cylindre (Besançon)

Monday Feb 21st:
Bob Log III + Honkeyfinger at L'Astrolabe (Orleans)

Tuesday Feb 22nd:
Henry's Funeral Shoe + Honkeyfinger at La Péniche (Lille)
Bloodshot Bill + The Chimiks at Charlatan Club (Gand, Belgique)

Wednesday Feb 23rd:
Bloodshot Bill + Jake La Botz + The Legendary Tigerman at La Maroquinerie
The Do at Le Cargo (Caen)
She keeps bees + Bob Log III at La Péniche (Lille)

Thursday Feb 24th:
PJ Harvey at L'Olympia
Lee Scratch Perry feat. Dennis Bovell at Le Plan (Ris Orangis)
The Legendary Tigerman + Bloodshot Bill + Jake La Botz at La Chapelle (Metz)
The Do at La Salle de la Cité (Rennes)

Friday Feb 25th:
Rainer Lericolais (feat. Lili Kim, Geoffroy Montel & Franck Marguin from Minizza) + Vale Poher (solo) + That Summer (David Sanson, Nikolu Jorio, Olivier Cavaillé, Pierre Fruchard & Etienne Bonhomme) at Centre Culturel Suisse (3e)
PJ Harvey at L'Olympia (18e)
Wombats at La Maroquinerie (20e)
Henry's Funeral Shoe + The Magnetix + Clue at La Lune des Pirates (Amiens)
The Dustaphonics + Bob Log III + Honkeyfinger at Fuzz'Yon (La Roche Sur Yon)
Bloodshot Bill + Jake La Botz + The Legendary Tigerman at La Cartonnerie (Reims)
Lee Scratch Perry at L'Omnibus (St Malo)

Saturday Feb 26th:
Fred Wesley & The Froomees at New Morning (10e)
French Boutique + The Horse at Les Combustibles (12e)
The Black Stout + Deaf Preechers + Wonderland at Le Turku (20e)
Evan Parker & Urs Leimbruber at Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil)
The Do at Le Chabada (Angers)
The Legendary Tigerman + Bloodshot Bill + Jake La Botz at La Rodia (Besançon)
Lee Scratch Perry at La Carène (Brest)

Sunday Feb 27th:
Vieux Farka Touré + Henry's Funeral Shoe + The Agitator + Honkeyfinger at La Coop de mai (Clermont-Ferrand)

Monday Feb 28th: