mercredi 18 mai 2011

The Norvins "Yoga With Mona" selected as "disque du moment" by Musiques Impures

"Two years after their nice debut with time Machine, parisian band The Norvins are finally back. Yoga With Mona features the same garage soul-punk ingredients than the previous album with the addition of special psychedelic flavor (a sithar intro on Better Of Dead), enhanced by the fantastic Kiryk Drewinski’s artcover. Track after track the energy flows through and never weakens. This poisonous Shiva-Mona is bloody efficient and catchy : a dirty organ, some haunted harmonica and the voice of the singer — which sounds like a hoarsely Paul Weller — makes this album a must-have in every garage fan music library."

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mardi 10 mai 2011

The Norvins "Yoga With Mona": 2nd best seller of Soundflat Mailorder for March-April 2011

"Soundflat Mailorder

Top 10 Sellers of Mar/Apr 2011:

  • 1 CRIMSON SHADOWS - Nightmares 7''

  • 2 NORVINS - Yoga with mona LP/CD

  • 3 TAMRONS - Wild-Man 7''

  • 4 LES PICK-UPS - The amazing sound of 7''

  • 5 GRAINGER HUNT - Noah 7''

  • 6 DEE RANGERS - Down in the playground LP/CD

  • 7 FUZZTONES - Preaching to the perverted LP/CD

  • 8 LOVELAND - Order to love LP

  • 9 OFFHOOKS - Outside looking in LP

  • 10 ROUTES - Stormy"

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The Norvins "Yoga With Mona" selected by Stoned Circus

Hi !

Stoned Circus has selected The Norvins "Yoga With Mona" as second month's album for May 2011.

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samedi 7 mai 2011

The Norvins live videos for "Time Machine" (2009) and "Yoga With Mona" (2011) albums

Live videos for "Time Machine" (2009):

01 Norvins Theme
Video art by Samy The Kay

02 Mean Judith

03 Invisible Woman

04 Fleshtones in Your Head
Video clip by Ed
Live at Les Combustibles (June 2010)

05 You Got It Right
Video clip by Samy The Kay

06 Nothin' (by The Ugly Ducklings):
Live at Eureka (January 2010)
Live at Cosmic Trip (May 2010)

07 Easy Goin' Annie
Live at La Boule Noire (April 2009)
Live at Cosmic Trip (May 2010)

08 Around Your World
Live at La Mécanique Ondulatoire (October 2008)

09 Spell In Your Heart

10 Baby Face

11 You're Gettin' Old

12 Hounds On Your Trails
Live at Cosmic Trip (May 2010)

13 Abba (by The Paragons)
Live at Lollipop Music Store (January 2011)

14 Success Story

Live videos for "Yoga With Mona" (2011):

01 Waste Of Time
Live at Cosmic Trip (May 2010)

02 You Know What
Live at La Triperie (March 2011)

03 Monk's Hangover

04 Hate To Be Your Man
Live at Cosmic Trip (May 2010)
Live at La Machine à Coudre (January 2011)

05 You Can't Comin'
Live at Les Combustibles (March 2011)

06 Dirt Is Better

07 It' A Cryin' Shame (by The Gentlemen)

08 Scream And Shout

09 Dead Zone

10 Keep Me Posted

11 Back To You

12 Need Somebody

13 Yoga With Mona

14 Why You Lie

15 Better Off Dead
Video art by Gerry Monroe
Live at Les Combustibles (June 2010)

16 Inside You

Live videos unreleased:

99th Floor (by The Moving Sidewalks)
Live at Bassy Club (with Rudi Protrudi and Lana Loveland, February 2009)

Help You Ann (by The Lyres)
Live at Le Palais Bar (May 2006)

Like No Other Man (by The Sonics)
Live at Le Picolo (October 2007)

Little Girl (by Syndicate of Sound)
Live at La Flèche d'Or (November 2006)

Won't Come Back (by The Zakary Thaks)
Live at Le Palais Bar (May 2006)

Won't You Tell Me (by The Vestells)
Live at Cosmic Trip (May 2010)

You're Gonna Miss Me (by 13th Floor Elevator)
Live at Le Palais Bar (May 2006)
Live at L'Excalibur (February 2008)
Live at Les Combustibles (featuring Roger Daguet, June 2010)

jeudi 5 mai 2011

"Yoga With Mona" by Hyperbolium on

Retro 60's garage from France, May 5, 2011

This review is from: Yoga With Mona (Audio CD)
For their second album (their debut was 2009's Time Machine), this French quintet continues to create garage and beat sounds that echo the R&B of the Animals and Small Faces and revivalists like the Miracle Workers, Fuzztones, Lyres and Chesterfield Kings. The driving bass, reverbed guitars, hard-blown harmonica and whining organ will be familiar to fans of the Nuggets/Pebbles/Boulders series, even without the scratchy patina of original 45s. You pretty much know what you're getting when there's a pentagonal Vox Phantom guitar pictured on the album sleeve and the band has the taste and knowledge to cover the Gentlemen's Texas punk classic "It's a Crying Shame." The Norvins make good their vintage equipment and give you the soundtrack for the hottest yoga session of the year. 3-1/2 stars, if allowed fractional ratings. [©2011 hyperbolium dot com]

(by hyperbolium (USA))

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dimanche 1 mai 2011

06: Concerts in Paris (otherwise the city is indicated) in June, 2011

Concerts / Evènements

Wednesday June 1st:
Gouter sonique at Parc de La Villette
Current 93 + Cumus at La Cité de la Musique
Matias Aguayo + Rebolledo + Pilooski + Appleblim Red Bull Music Academy Stage + Nuit de Clôture at Le Cabaret Sauvage
Lilly Wood & The Prick at L'Olympia
Pete Yorn at La Boule Noire (18e)

Thursday June 2nd:
Judas Priest at Bercy
The Repeaters at Les 3 Petits Cochons (Bourges)

Friday June 3rd:
The Irradiates + Sheetah & The Weissmuller + The Urges + Jancee Pornick Casino + Thee Oh Sees + Dollar Bill at Palais d'Auron (Bourges)
The Popopos + The Juveniles at Le Bar Hic (Rennes)

Saturday June 4th:
Les Rivals + Thee Vicars + The Good The Bad + Wau Y Los Arrrghs + The A Bones + Reverend Beatman at Palais d'Auron (Bourges)
Social Distorsion at Le Trianon

Sunday June 5th:
The Mexibones at Le Bar Européen (Bourges)

Monday June 6th:
System of a down at Bercy
Yussuf Jerusalem + Combomatix at Le Sambre (Rennes)

Tuesday June 7th:
The Raveonettes at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (18e)
DJ Shadow at Le Trianon (18e)

Wednesday June 8th:
System of a down at Bercy
Louis Bertignac at L'Olympia
Wu Tang Clan's Inspectach Deck & DJ Allah Mathematics at Le Batofar

Thursday June 9th:
Herman Düne at Le Trianon

Friday June 10th:
Duran Duran at Le Grand Rex
Pat Kebra at Les Combustibles (12e)
Heaven Sucks + Bullshit Detector at La Paillote (Rennes)

Saturday June 11th:
Street Poison + Saints & Sinners + The Decline at Mondo Bizarro (Rennes)

Sunday June 12th:
The Dreadnoughts + Saints & Sinners + The Charmrocks at Le Belushi's (19e)

Monday June 13th:
Bryan Ferry at L'Olympia

Tuesday June 14th:
Da Brasilians at Le Point Ephémère (10e)
Digitalism at Le Nouveau Casino
Moriarty at Salon musical de St Eustache

Wednesday June 15th:
Fredovitch One Man Band at La Mécanique Ondulatoire
The Dwarves + Lipstick Vibrators + Garage Lopez at Nouveau Casino

Thursday June 16th:
The Feeling of Love + Scorpion Violente + The Dreams + Delacave at La Java de Belleville
Kid Loco at La Maroquinerie
Wall of death + Melody syndrome at La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Cage The Elephant at Le Nouveau Casino

Friday June 17th:
The Devine Comedy at Théâtre de la Ville
Guttercats at La Féline (20e)
Brain Eaters + The Fujitives + 3 Gnomes at Bar La Révolution (Montreuil)

Saturday June 18th:
Unur + Merci la nuit at La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Tagada Jones + Maximum The Hormone at Le Bataclan

Sunday June 19th:
Crystal Stlits + Crash Normal + Beat Mark at La Maroquinerie

Monday June 20th:
Unsane + Pneu at La Maroquinerie
Judas Priest + Duff McKagan's Loaded at Le Zénith

Tuesday June 21st:

Wednesday June 22nd:
Bright Eyes at L'Alhambra
Primus at La Cigale (18e)
Planningtorock + Tom Vek + Housse de racket at La Flèche d'Or (20e)
Magma at Le Triton (Les Lilas)
Black Eyed Peas at Stade de France

Thursday June 23rd:
Mai at La Loge
George Clinton + Funkadelic + Parliament at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (18e)
Les Daltons + Les Soucoupes Violentes + Petit Louis at Le Gambetta (20e)
Magma at Le Triton (Les Lilas)

Friday June 24th:
The Four Aces + The Red Cabs + The Flaming Combo + Rockin' James Trio + Ghost Highway + The Megatons at La Boule Noire (18e)
Christian Vander Quartetat Le Triton (Les Lilas)
Sheetah & The Weissmuller + Attack El Robot! + Gloria & The Greenspiders at Les Combustibles
Black Eyed Peas at Stade de France
Aaron + Alice Roussel + AlphaBlondy + Balkan Beat Box + Cascadeur + Cold War Kids + Katerine + Klaxons + Peter Doherty + Popof + Raggasonic + The Bewitched Hands + The Go! Team + The Joy Formidable + Vitalic + Yael Naim at L'Hyppodrome de Longchamp (Festival Solidays 2011)

Saturday June 25th:
The Rebels of Tijuana + A*Song & The B-Sides + Sly Apollinaire & Venustre at L'International
Bouton Rouge (ex-Carpet Sellers, ex-Scope) + No Hit Makers + Sheriff Perkins at Les Combustibles
Asphalt Tuaregs + Whodunit + Deaf Preachers + Les Sixtits at La Miroiterie (20e)
Kyuss Lives! at Le Bataclan
Magma at Le Triton (Les Lilas)
Black Eyed Peas at Stade de France
Asian Dub Foundation + Bomba Estéreo + Charles Bradley + Djedjotronic + Ebony Bones + Goose + Israel Vibration + John Butler Trio + Keny Arkana + Les ogres de Barback + madjo + Morcheeba + Moriarty + Nasser+ Patrice + Quadricolor + Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 + Shaka Ponk + Stromae + Syd Matters + Zone Lybre vs Casey & Hamé at L'Hyppodrome de Longchamp (Festival Solidays 2011)

Sunday June 26th:
Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band at Palais des Sports
Becky Lee LEE and the drunkfoot + Slim Wild Boar and His foresaken shadow + Bud Mc Muffin at Le Bouillon Belge (20e)
Aloe Blacc + Asaf Avidan & The Mojos + Bumcello + Cocoons + Fools Gold + Gaëtan Roussel + HK & les Saltimbanks, I Am + Moby + Orchestre National de Barbès + Puggy + Les Têtes Raides + True Live + Yodelice at L'Hyppodrome de Longchamp (Festival Solidays 2011)

Monday June 27th:
Destroyer + Pat Jordache at La Maroquinerie
Iron Maiden at Bercy

Tuesday June 28th:
Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot + Imelda May at Le Grand Rex (2e)
Iron Maiden at Bercy
Arcade Fire + Karkwa at Le Zénith
La Rumeur at La Cigale (18e)
The Skatalites at Le New Morning
Magma at Le Triton (Les Lilas)
Shake Shake Bolino (Etienne from Cheveu & Marie) + Ero Babaa + Google Blum + EX_π + Panini Bibitte at Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil)

Wednesday June 29th:
Greg Allman (The Allman Brothers Band) at Le Grand Rex (2e)
Brigitte Fontaine at Bataclan
The Whodunit at La Féline (20e)
Magma at Le Triton (Les Lilas)

Thursday June 30th:
BB King at Le Grand Rex (2e)
Etienne Daho + Jacques Higelin + Benjamin Biolay + Christophe + Dominique A + Miossec + Arthur H + Thomas Dutronc + Coming Soon + Brigitte Fontaine + Alex Beaupain & Fred Lo + Alexandre Chatelard at Cité de la Musique (Jacno Future)
Roger Waters at Bercy
Magma at Le Triton (Les Lilas)
Paul Personne at L'Olympia
Prince at Stade de France