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Garage Rock Playlist #4 Aug. '08

Hi 60's savage garage punk lovers !

The summer is over and concerts are back with beers, screams and fuzz ! Well, I'm happy to gather all these bands from all over the world in the 4th issue of the Garage Rock Playlist. I really got the feeling that the number of garage bands is unlimited and it's quite frustrating to realise we are facing an ocean of pure Nuggets and only a part of them will come to us! Well, bands are mostly from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico) and Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden) but also from Europe (UK, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and North America (US, Canada)!

I invite you to take a break on Myspace in order to discover all these lovely tracks we can be proud of ! Feel free to leave any comment below that could be helpful to learn more about Garage Rock emerging bands !

Have fun !

Cheers !

01) The Giljoteens (Stockholm, Sweden)
« Point of no return»
Screaming Apple Records, Teen Sound

02) The Fourtune-Tellers (Stockholm, Sweden)
Garage / Rock / R&B
« Ain’t gonna cheat on me again»
Copase Disques

03) FuzzFaces (Brazil)
Garage / Punk / Rock
« Eu Ja Nem Sei»
Voodoo Hits, Rastrillo Records

04) The Royal Hangmen (Zürich, Switzerland)
Psychedelic / Powerpop / Garage
« Who’s that man»

05) The Futchers (Salvador / Bahia, Brazil)
Garage / Soul / Blues
« Hole»
Pointy Little Heads

06) Los Human Flys (Mexico City, Mexico)
« Se une bestia»

07) The She Creatures (Bristol, UK)
Rock / Soul / Garage
« She Creatures invade»

08) The Jewws (Levittown, NY, US)
Garage / Punk / Surf
« Bad lovin’ thing»
Remedial Records, Nitro !

09) The Fumestones (Spain)
Garage / Punk / Rock
« Pushing for your love»
HR, Kuriosa Records, Wild Eagle Records, Jolete Macana Garage Works

10) Los Colmillos (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Bluegrass / Soul / Blues
« Diddy Wah Diddy»

11) Os Haxixins (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Garage / Psychedelic / Punk
« Eu Vou Denovo»
Studio Berlim and Groovie Records

12) Frantic City (La Rochelle / Bordeaux, France)
Garage / Punk / Powerpop
“I want to believe”

13) The Scarves (Graz, Austria)
Garage / Rock
« Fever»

14) Daddy U and the Hitkids (Jena / Leipzig, Germany)
Classic Rock / Glam / Psychedelic
« Bye bye lady»

15) The Groove (Sweden)
Big Beat / Garage / R&B
« I wanna be with you»

16) Thee Vicars (Bury St Edmunds, UK)
Garage / Punk
« Gonna make you mine»
Dire Records, Dirty Water Records

17) Los Mustang 66 (Mexico City, Mexico)
Garage / Punk / Rock
« Ward 81»
Dark Zone, Fuzz On! Records

18) The Trap Doors (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
« Tell Me Why»

19) Las Curvettes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Garage / Soul / Punk
« Shake it»
Do It Yourself! Records

20) Los Carroñeros (Mexico City, Mexico)
Garage / Punk / Rockabilly
« Terodactilo»
Rock Primitivo

21) The Micragirls (Finland)
Garage / Punk / Rock
« White Devil of the Yellowstone»
Bone Voyage

22) The Magnetix (Bordeaux, France)
Rock’n’Roll / Garage / Punk
« Friend of mine»
Nasty Product, Yakisakana, Sentenza, Born Bad Records, Evilution Records

23) The Monsters (Bern / Aurau / Zürich, Switzerland)
Trash / Garage
« Black»
Voodoo Rhythm Records

24) The Glendoras (Sweden)
Garage / Big Beat / Punk
« By your tail»

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