dimanche 9 mars 2008

Garage Rock Playlist #3 Feb. '08

Hi Ludwig, Vox Continental, Tambourine, Harmonica and fuzz lovers !

Don't know how I found time to prepare this third playlist of excellent garage rock ! Indeed, lots of bands played in Paris recently (Cococoma, The Carpet Sellers, Frandol & The Kitchenmen...) or are coming again in a couple of days (The Staggers...) ! Well this playlist gathers new bands from all over the world (mostly from the US, UK and France but also from Canada, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands and Germany) !

I invite you to take a break on Myspace in order to discover all these lovely tracks we can be proud of ! Feel free to leave any comment below that could be helpful to learn more about Garage Rock emerging bands !

Have fun !

Cheers !

01-The Mamalians (Paris, France)
Rock / Garage / Melodramatic Popular Song
“Mean Motherfuckers”

02-The Midways (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Garage / Pop Punk / Big Beat
"No thanks for nothing"
Fuzzy Logic, Panty Raid, Screaming Apple

03-The Holdens (Madrid, Spain)
Garage / Power Pop
« Rain again »

04-Cococoma (Chicago, Illinois, US)
Garage / Rock / Punk
« Too tired »
Shit Sandwich Records, Covert Pop!, Goner Records

05-The Dadds (Saint-Lô, France)
Garage / Big Beat / Classic Rock
“Je vais te manquer”
Beyond your mind Records

06-Thee Coronados (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rock / Punk / Pop
« The way it used to be »
No Fun Records

07-The Mourning After (Sheffield, UK)
Garage / Punk / Psychedelic
« On my mind »

08-Thee Exciters (Southampton & London, UK)
Garage / Punk / Rock
« Spending cash talking trash »
Dirty Water Records

09-Frigg A-Go-Go (US)
Garage / Punk / Soul
« Hot Rod Allie »

10-The Rippers (Cagliari, Italy)
R&B / Garage / Punk
“Just a creepy man”
Shake Your Ass, Corduroy, Screaming Apple Records, H-Records, Psych Out, Slovenly Recordings

11-The Ultra 5 (New York, NY, US)
Garage / Psychedelic / Rock
« Down below »
Green Cookie, Teen Sound

12-The Spinns (North Carolina, US)
Garage / Punk / R&B,
Demonbeach Records,

13-The Len Price 3 (London, UK)
Garage / Pop / Rock
« With your love »
Wicked Cool

14-The 1-2-5 (Netherlands)
« Pushover »
Misty Lane, Kelt, Aua Records, Sin Records

15-Dirty Pack (Paris, France)
« Talk too much »

16-The Lobsters (Roanoke, Virginia, US)
Garage / Big Beat / Psychedelic
« You can’t make me »
Magpie Records

17-13 Frightened Girls (Bloomington / Normal, Illinois, US)
« Blackout of gretely »
Get Hip, Blood Red Vinyl, Trouble In River City

18-Beat by Five (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)
R&B / Garage / Powerpop
« Willst du mit mir gehen ? »
Rumble Mumble, Bee Jay Records

19-The Miscreants (Belleville, New Jersey, US)
Garage / Punk / Psychedelic
« Last night baby »

20-The Black Hollies (Jersey City, New Jersey, US)
Psychedelic / Soul / Garage
« Whispers beneath the willows »
Ernest Jenning Records, Rogue Records

21-The Mean Things (La Rochelle, France)
« Sex Drive »
Lost In Tyme Records

22-The Sweet Action (Rochester, New York, US)
Garage / Rock / Alternative
« Walk on by »
Jargon Records

23-The Meanie Geanies (Athens, Greece)
Garage / Punk
« Won’t be by your side »
Pepper Records, Action Records

24-The Negative Jerks (Lyon, France)
Garage / Rock
« Heads or tails »

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March 21st: The Norvins live in Bry-sur-Marne (France)

Dear all !

The Norvins will give a show in Salle Daguerre.

See ya da !


PS: the place will be warm and red ! Not grey ! (as on previous picture)

More info:
> www.myspace.com/thenorvins