lundi 21 septembre 2009

"The Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn 2" Out this fall !

"If you thought Spawn 1 was great, wait'll you hear THIS! FIFTY tracks contributed by bands from all over the world - all paying tribute to the Gurus of Garage Grunge! Featured artists include Ian Astbury, Boss Martians, Gonn, Headless Horsemen (Elan Portnoy's post Fuzztones group), Sick Rose, Magnificent Brotherhood, the Cheeks, The Urges, Defectors, Los Peyotes, Doll Squad, Norvins, What For, and even a studio track by Rudi's 1972 band, Springhead Motorshark! Also included are interviews with 80's MTV icon Martha Quinn and talk show giant Larry King! Fuzztones stalwart Mad Mike Czekaj checks in with his band the Live Ones, and Rudi himself sings on a track by the Preachers that he co-wrote with the band! As on Volume One, 3 bands contribute songs about the Fuzztones, as well as a few more surprises that make this one truly kick-ass collection. Comes with a truly cryptic 28 page booklet! Out on Twist Records this Fall!"

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