jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Jan 21st & 22nd: THE NORVINS live in South of France


Jan 21st 2011:
The Norvins & The Mockers live at La Vague (Six-Fours-Les-Plages, France)

Jan 22nd 2011:
The Norvins live at Lollipop Music Store (showcase) (Marseille, France)

Jan 22nd 2011:
The Norvins & The Zabriskies live at La Machine à coudre (Marseille, France)

dimanche 5 décembre 2010

01: Concerts in Paris (otherwise the city is indicated) in January, 2011

Concerts / Évènements

Saturday Jan 1st:

Sunday Jan 2nd:

Monday Jan 3rd:

Tuesday Jan 4th:
Masternova + Poney Express + The Drops + The Guests Only at Le Batofar (13e)

Wednesday Jan 5th:
Aquanebula Oscillator + Melody Syndrom + Wall of Death at Le Buzz (20e)

Thursday Jan 6th:

Friday Jan 7th:
Pat Kébra at Le Truskel (2e)
Lord Rochester with Russ Wilkins (Pop Rivets, Milkshakes, Wildbeests) + The Magatones at Le Picolo (Saint Ouen)

Saturday Jan 8th:
The Magnetix at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (18e)
Chicks on Speed at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (18e)
Bobsleigh Baby + Ronux + Herr Broken at Le Buzz (20e)

Sunday Jan 9th:

Monday Jan 10th:

Tuesday Jan 11th:

Wednesday Jan 12th:

Thursday Jan 13th:
Astro & Gérald de la Fuzz "DJ set" at Lizard Lounge Underground (4e)

Friday Jan 14th:
Godspeed you! Black Emperor at Grande Halle de La Villette
The Chemical Brothers at Le Zénith (19e)
The Soulful Deviants + Les Terribles at Le Cargo (Caen)

Saturday Jan 15th:
Miss America + Mon autre groupe + Bleeding pigs at Le Café de Paris (20e)
Bulgarian Yogurt + Lise Cabaret at Hôtel de Clermont (18e)

Sunday Jan 16th:

Monday Jan 17th:
Patti Smith at Cité de la Musique

Tuesday Jan 18th:
Patti Smith at Cité de la Musique

Wednesday Jan 19th:

Thursday Jan 20th:
Klaxons at Le Bataclan (11e)
Patti Smith at Cité de la Musique (19e)
45 Secondes + Maciste at CAC Georges Brassens (Mantes-La-Jolie)

Friday Jan 21st:
Patti Smith + Philip Glass + Lenny Kaye (hommage à Allen Ginsberg) at Salle Pleyel (8e)
Alice Lewis at La Loge (11e)
Klaxons at Le Cargo (Caen)
Brigitte Fontaine at La Coop de mai (Clermont-Ferrand)
The Norvins + The Mockers at La Vague (Six-Fours-Les-Plages)

Saturday Jan 22nd:
Patti Smith plays "Horses" at Salle Pleyel (8e)
Rambing Joke + Ronux + Les Rivals at Le Buzz (20e)
Christophe at Les Arènes de l'Agora (Evry)
The Norvins at Lollipop Music Store (Marseille)
The Norvins + The Zabriskies at La Machine à coudre (Marseille)

Sunday Jan 23rd:
Tokyo Sex Destruction at Le Buzz (20e)

Monday Jan 24th:

Tuesday Jan 25th:

Wednesday Jan 26th:
Thin Lizzy & the super suckers at Le Bataclan (11e)
This is the Hello Monster at La Maroquinerie (20e)

Thursday Jan 27th:
Mercredi Equitation (Fury Furyzz) at L'Espace B (19e)
JFG & The Regulars + Minuscule Hey at El Chico (Bordeaux)
Moriarty at La Cartonnerie (Reims)

Friday Jan 28th:
Matthiew Shipp + Geri Allen & Timeline at Théâtre Paul Eluard (Choisy-Le-Roy)
Spunyboys + Megatons + Hot Chickens + Hot Rhythm and Booze + Jim and the Beams + Be Bop Creek + Cattle Call + Graziella De Michelle + Tony Marlow + Jezebel Rock + Nico and The Rhythm Dudes + Easy Lazy "C" and the Rhythm Dudes at La Boule Noire (18e)
Pat Kébra at Rubens (Clermont-Ferrand)
Godspeed you! Black Emperor at L'espace Julien (Marseille)
Cheveu + Frustration + The Feeling of love at Le 106 (Rouen)

Saturday Jan 29th:
The Brain Eaters at Le Monte-charge Café (11e)
The Feeling of Love at Le Buzz (20e)
The Vaselines + Etienne Jaumet + Majeure + The Big Crunch + Theory + Viva & The Diva + Sam James + Calin + Antilles at Mains d'Oeuvres (St Ouen)

Sunday Jan 30th:
Christophe at Le Palace (9e)
Herman Düne + Stranded Horse + Da Brasilians + Turner Cody + Arch Woodman + The Wowz + Ish Marquez + El Boy Die + Wilfried at Les Mains d'oeuvres (St Ouen)

Monday Jan 31st:
Christophe at Le Palace