vendredi 13 juin 2008

The Norvins just finished a recording session with Olivier Joffrin

Hi folks !

From June 7th to 13th, The Norvins have recorded 14 songs in Paris (SMOM studio) under the direction of Olivier Joffrin. Olivier formerly recorded some great garage-punk bands such as:
- T.V. Killers "Channel 666" EP & "Adrenalin fix" LP (engineered in February 1996),
- Weak "Supertramp" CD (engineered in December 1996),
- T.V. Killers "Fuckin' Frenchies" LP (recorded and mixed in January 1998),
- The Wonky Monkees "Blood save your soul" CD (mixed in July 1998),
- T.V. Killers "Have a blits on you" LP/CD (engineered in February-March 1999),
- Weak "Gay Truckers Highway" CD(recorded in March 2000)
- The Jerry Spider Gang "Dope takin’ Kamikaze" (engineered in January 2001),
but also Greedy Guts, Greenfish and Splash Four.

Mixing sessions are now starting and more information on CD/LP release will come very soon!

Let's wait for The Norvins' garage-rock time machine !


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