lundi 9 mars 2009

The Norvins "Time Machine" by Rock around the blog

"Time Machine" is the "debut" of the Norvins, five Parisian boys who, with the paraphernalia of instruments truly "vintage" produce a powerful and dynamic "60's Garage-Punk", making the title even more curious, "Time Machine" as title is perfect, because the interconnection between the musical sounds remarkably powerful rhythm of the 60´s and the current time is combined in perfection, composed of 14 themes, among them jump two covers, "Nothin'" from The Ugly Ducklings and the already famous "Abba" of The Paragons, all the originals are embedded in powerful sounds of "farfisa" produced for an organ to rambles through beat uproar, much “fuzz” and a harmonic well placed, emphasis is still the voice of Edouard remarkably close to Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs, in short a record of “retro-garage”, solid and with original rhythms, very advisable.

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